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If you feel like leaving your tent at home, and avoiding the inevitable chaos of putting up your own tent, why not use one of our 6 BELL TENTS. All you have to do is turn up with your kit, and nestle down in front of our glorious view, next to your complemntary fire pit (and logs!).

B E L L  T E N T S

  • Perfect for a Romantic Couple or family.

  • Can sleep up to 6.

  • Complimentary FIRE PIT & LOGS

  • Our Bell Tents are unfurnished, please don't forget to bring your bed/bedding.

  • No electric hookup available - why do you need it with a view like ours.

  • Dogs very welcome - free of charge, just please keep them under control.

  • BEACH ACCESS - the path is constantly changing. If it rains, it is slippery and is continually eroding, but with the right frame of mind, it is more than possible!

  • NO LOUD MUSIC atfer 8pm - we aren't that sort of site.

TREHELI is subject to the elements. We are a beautiful coastal site, and with that beauty comes the expected challenges. Keep an eye on the weather and pack accordingly!

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We are very conscious of the natural beauty we have at Treheli. As a result, we have decided to heavily reduce the number of pitches available throughout the year. This decision has been made to ensure Treheli retains its charm & special atmosphere.

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